Update: I’ve moved my blog to a new URL!

You can find it here!

I moved from WordPress to a nerdier, more liberating Jekyll structure. I wrote a post about why here. Everything here has been imported over there (as well as my 100 word stories and some web demos), and I’ll be maintaining it over there, not here. Check it out, and sign up for the mailing list!

I’ll leave the original content on this page below:

I am a writer and a developer and I have blogs related to both. Enjoy!

Get It Write is a writing blog. I’ve been writing for a few years, and I LOVE it. Here is my search for meaning and truth, some creative exercises, some things I like around the web, and ways I like to be creative. You can find some of my 100-word stories here.

Techsposure is a Tech blog. I love development, mobile apps, websites, and user experience design, and here I’ll show you some of my favorites. The world of tech is overwhelming, and I think the best way to keep up is constant exposure to the latest and greatest tools and trends.

I’m working on some Resource pages for both of these blogs, some of my own stories, and my development portfolio. Stay tuned for more. Until then, follow me on Twitter!



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